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Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God

In Defense

of the

Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of GOD

This is my unapologenic Catholic defense of the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary Mother of God and her life free of any sin. 

I am going to start with scripture, the Holy Word of God and the words the Angel Gabriel said to a young virgin girl named, Mary.

In the book of Luke chapter 1:28-30 we read: 28 And the angel being come in, said unto her: Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.29 Who having heard, was troubled at his saying, and thought with herself what manner of salutation this should be.30 And the angel said to her: Fear not, Mary, for thou hast found grace with God.

What exactly does full of grace mean? Father John Hardon's Catholic dictionary:
In biblical language the condescension or benevolence shown by God toward the human race; it is also the unmerited gift proceeding from this benevolent disposition. Grace, therefore, is a totally gratuitous gift on which man has absolutely no claim. Where on occasion the Scriptures speak of grace as pleasing charm or thanks for favors received, this is a derived and not primary use of the term.

As the Church has come to explain the meaning of grace, it refers to something more than the gifts of nature, such as creation or the blessings of bodily health. Grace is the supernatural gift that God, of His free benevolence, bestows on rational creatures for their eternal salvation. The gifts of grace are essentially supernatural. They surpass the being, powers, and claim of created nature, namely sanctifying grace, the infused virtues, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and actual grace. They are the indispensable means necessary to reach the beatific vision. In a secondary sense, grace also includes such blessings as the miraculous gifts of prophecy or healing, or the preternatural gifts of freedom from concupiscence.

The Angel Gabriel says that the Blessed Mother is full of grace. He also says to her: "Hail Mary" that is a salutation not given to mere mortals the Angel Gabriel is saying she is higher than the angels in Heaven, when he says "Hail Mary". This is where we get the words of Hail Mary prayer, asking the Blessed Mother for her intervention. This is what Protestants do when they ask you to pray for them, only the Blessed Virgin Mary is a much better vessel, than a sinful human.

Let’s take a look at the word concupiscence. Concupiscence means: insubordination of man's desires to the dictates of reason, and the propensity of human nature to sin as a result of original sin. More commonly, it refers to the spontaneous movement of the sensitive appetites toward whatever the imagination portrays as pleasant and away from whatever it portrays as painful. However, concupiscence also includes the unruly desires of the will, such as pride, ambition, and envy.

    Concupiscence of the Flesh- The inordinate love of sensual pleasure, to which fallen man is naturally prone. It is inordinate when pleasure is sought as an end in itself and apart from its divinely intended purpose: to facilitate the practice of virtue and satisfy one's legitimate desires.
   Concupiscence of the Eyes- unwholesome curiosity and an inordinate love of this world's goods. The first consists in an unreasonable desire to see, hear, and know what is harmful to one's virtue, inconsistent with one's state of life, or detrimental to higher duties. As an inordinate love of money, it is the desire to acquire material possessions irrespective of the means employed, or merely to satisfy one's ambitions, or to nurture one's pride. Concupiscence,the Blessed Virgin Mary did not have. She did not have this because as it says above this was what we inherited from Adam and Eve.

Back to the Blessed Virgin Mary in Luke 1:41-42.41 and it came to pass, that when Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the infant leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost: 42 and she cried out with a loud voice, and said: Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.(refering to Jesus being the fruit)
Let’s think a minute about what this means. The definition of blessed, from Fr. John Hardon Catholic dictionary:
BLESSED. In general, a person, place, or object associated with God and implying a divine favor.

DIVINE FRIENDSHIP (favor). The state of grace by which a person is loved by God, becomes an heir of heaven, and on reaching the age of discretion loves God by sincerely doing the divine will. The basis of divine friendship is a sharing in the divine nature bestowed by God. There is friendship because God's love of man is reciprocated by man's love of God. The theological virtue of charity, which is inseparably connected with the state of grace, enables the justified person to love God in return for the benevolent love of God.

We now see that the Blessed Virgin Mary is not only addressed (in the word “Hail”), by the 
Angel Gabriel but she is also called blessed by Elizabeth at the Visitation. When Elizabeth said this to the Blessed Mother, she was filled with the Holy Ghost very important) the Holy Ghost the
Third Person of the Trinity is speaking through Elizabeth so He in this statement is saying, the Blessed Virgin Mary is much more important than a mere woman, she was full of grace and being full of grace made it impossible for her ever to commit a sin. To explain in simple terms, if a glass of water is full it means it cannot hold any more, this is the same with being full of grace. The Blessed Mother could not be filled with more grace, than to be filled with the Second Person of the Holy Trinity Jesus, God the Son. She had to be the most perfect of vessels just as the Arc of the Covenant in the Old Testament, that held the Word of God. The Arc was made perfectly, because God had given the instruction for the building of the Arc also just as He did in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

We also know that the Old Testament mirrors the New Testament, so we believe that the Arc of the Covenant in the Old Testament is indeed the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary the New Arc of the New Covenant.

In Exodus 25: 8-13 and they shall make me a sanctuary, and I will dwell in the midst of them: According to all the likeness of the tabernacle which I will shew thee, and of all the vessels for the service thereof: and thus you shall make it: Frame an ark of setim wood, the length whereof shall be of two cubits and a half: the breadth, a cubit and a half: the height, likewise, a cubit and a half. And thou shalt overlay it with the purest gold within and without: and over it thou shalt make a golden crown round about: And four golden rings, which thou shall put at the four corners of the ark: let two rings be on the one side, and two on the other. Thou shalt make bars also of setim wood, and shalt overlay them with gold.

What is setim wood? Setim wood, is wood that it is heavier than water, very hard and close-grained of a fine orange-brown color, it is not attacked by insects and is well-nigh incorruptible and is highly valuable.(just as the Blessed Virgin Mary was incorruptible because she was full of grace, given by God.

 The Arc was layered in pure gold and it was crowned as it says in the book of Exodus,

just as the Blessed Mother was pure from Orignal and all sin and was crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth she is and was the new Eve she is the woman from the Old and the New Testament "Clothed in the Sun" She was picked from all humans because God knew she would use her "free will" to be and live in His Holy Will.

This is why satan hates her and he hates the Church Christ left us. He knows that she will crush him in the end because God will permit it for his pride. What would hurt satan more than to be crushed by a human much lesss a human woman who was faithful unlike him? This is why he is trying so hard to destroy the Church and the Priests and satan is trying to force the hand of God to destroy him so that he will not be crushed by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Ad Iesum 
Beatae Virginis Mariam

May God bless and Our Lady and St. Michael guide and protect always,
*Haydock Douay Rheims Bible&Commentary
*Fr. John Hardon Modern Catholic Dictionary
orignally posted January 7, 2014

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  1. Beautiful thoughts, and true, so true. The reason Satan rages at the Church is that he already knew, at Mary's Fiat, that he was already defeated, by a little girl, who couldn't have been more than about 14 years old. And she conquered big, bad Satan! He is thus humiliated. And we have our Mediatrix. May the Lord bless you, Di. Keep it up.