Sunday, September 10, 2017

My opinion on the talks given at St. Gertrude

Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered
and let them that hate Him
Flee from before His Face.
~Psalm 67
¡Viva Cristo Rey! ¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!
Si vis pacem, para bellum!
Benedictus Deus in Saecula!

As promised in my last blog I am going to give my opinion on the talks given at St. Gertrude “Science and the Seven Days.”

Well I was surprised, the talks that were given didn’t actually out right talk about evolution/theistic evolution but they did talk about the “Big Bang” theory which most Catholics seem to embrace. Note the word “theory” yup that’s right another theory, which makes the Creation of the Universe easier to except than the Holy Words of God. This seems imply that God needed to make stars to collide to create the universe. This is easier to understand, than to read the Bible as the true history as Dei Verbum Dogmatic Constitution states? It is much easier for the human or scientific mind to understand when it is explained by the science, even if it is “just” a theory.

The Dominican Friar had to dance around many teachings of the Church and he stumbled on many of his words trying to keep his evolutionary mind on what the Church has actually taught and not to contradict himself. I can say this because of the theistic evolution website he is a part of, which clearly states that they believe and promote the evolutionary process.

Have you ever noticed how science seems to change meaning it is seems to be always seems to be developing/evolving? It doesn’t seem to look to God first but only looks to human knowledge. We need God at the center of everything or there is NO truth and no protection. We have to look to God, since He is the author of everything.

I have found that those who have more of a scientific mind go more toward human intelligence than by being guided by God’s wisdom which is found in Sacred scripture the Holy Words of the Holy Ghost in the Bible. Humani Generis in Paragraph 36.

How can the faith of humans be destroyed by Science? In the case of “Big Bang” theory it casts doubt as to the great awesome power of God(if the church has it wrong on this what else do they have wrong?) as in Genesis that God needed two stars or whatever to smash together and make a mess and then He used this mess to create order. Why would God create disorder (He didn’t we did by our sin) to make an ordered universe? He wouldn’t. An example would be a bomb going off. It creates destruction, a mess and let’s not mention the millions of years it took God to make us, why would He do that? None of this makes sense, if it doesn’t make sense it probably isn’t true. But if you are one of the people who believe in Science and have kept the true faith (or have you?) you have received a great gift and been spared, but most have not. 

There is a growing number of Scientists who claim to be Catholic who believe in the “Big Bang” and in “Theistic Evolution” this is a problem. Why is this a problem? Let me explain: Those who are in the science field have very high IQ’s and people of this world look to them in awe of their brilliance. I have to say I admire their intelligence also but not to the degree that some do, which may to lead to a prideful disposition. They then teach the children that this is fact, which leads them to believe in science more than they believe in the power of God and miracles.(Humani Generis paragraph 4)Ask teenagers if they believe in Transubstantiation many will say no why? Because they stopped believing in miracles that’s why. Don’t believe me, just ask them. 

This growing number of so called “Catholic Scientists” have their own group The Society of Catholic Scientists and seem to be growing in record numbers, why because satan is using this science idol. Yes, I am calling it an idol because people tend to worship science as their god. They look to science for everything, if there hasn’t been a scientific test done then it is not real or true. How do you explain the Trinity? Has science explained that? Is this the next thing to be attacked and doubted by the faithful? 

What I am saying is if science is correct about the Big Bang, Theistic Evolution or Global warming and I do not believe it, WILL that belief send me to hell? NO. BUT if I don’t believe any of what science says on these “theories” and only believe what the Bible has said according Sacred Scripture/Sacred Tradition and what the Fathers and Doctors taught, WILL that send me to hell?
 NO, it will not. BUT, if I Do Not believe what the Holy Words of the Bible say, even if it is just ONE word, could that send me to hell? YES, it could why? Because God is a Just God and not believing in His Holy Word written and interpreted by the Church He left us, could indeed send you to hell. 

Let me explain. The Bible is the Inspired Inerrant Word of God the Third Person of the Holy Trinity and in denying any words in the Bible you are denying in the Holy Ghost so if you question my statement above think about what this sentence is saying. Jesus Christ Said that the denial of the Holy Ghost is the only thing that will send you to hell, He actually says in  Matthew 12:32 it will not be forgiven not in this world or the world to come but what does that mean? Hell? It means you have one of two places to spend eternity it will not be heaven, so where will you go?

IS it worth risking your eternity/salvation on a “Theory”? 

God gave you a free will, choose HIS! 

I offer all that I do to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, any errors are mine.