Monday, August 8, 2022



Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered
and let them that hate Him
Flee from before His Face.
~Psalm 67

¡Viva Cristo Rey! ¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!
Si vis pacem, para bellum!
Benedictus Deus in Saecula!

This is my talk given at the Holy Spirit Center in Norwood, Ohio and the reason that I believe I was left on this earth after losing ¾ of my bodies blood on the operating table was to help Priests and to bring the Truth into the light about theistic evolution. The many things that have happened in my life are not coincidences but confirms why I was left here on this earth.

First Saturday May 8, 2022  

“Our Lady being always the ‘Good Mother,’ has she been warning us by hidden symbols in her visits to earth? Did we not notice because of what has been taught through bad science?”


I offer this talk and all inspirations bestowed upon me to the Most Holy Trinity, for the honor of Immaculate Heart of Mary, Good St. Joseph, Priests, Poor Souls and for my daughters Gabrielle Marie who died on August 8, 1998 at almost 5 months gustation on the Feast of St. John Vianney, and my daughter Katrina Marie at the age 32 who died on Friday September 24, 2021 at 3:30pm on the Feast of Our Lady of Ransom.

A little back ground on St. Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney, better known to English-speaking Catholics as John Vianney or simply the Curé of Ars, is commemorated by the Catholic Church on August 8 according to the 1962 liturgical calendar, he is the Patron Saint of Parish Priests his attributes are: the cassock, surplice, preaching bands, stole, rosary, crucifix, and the Holy Bible more than one of these “attributes” were dropped after the Second Vatican Council. WHY?

Our Lady of Ransom appeared to: King James I of Aragon, St. Raymond of Peñafort and to St. Peter Nolasco, September 24, 1218 requesting them to found an Order for the express purpose for the ransoming/redemption of the Christians from the Mohammedans/Muslims as well as ransoming their souls from the grips of the devil, they would be known as Mercedarians.

I believe for these reasons and many more that I am being called by God to make the truth and the information that I will be presenting, known and to suffer and pray for priests.

On October 8, 2008 there was a doll on the shelves from Fisher Price “Little Mommy Cuddle and Coo” it had a mechanism in its forehead that on the third swipe in front of the forehead said “Islam is the light.” I warned people about this doll because if it would have said “Jesus is the light” it would never have seen the light of day and we know that Jesus is the only Light.

On October 11, 2008 at 6 am I was abruptly woken from a sound sleep to what I felt was a bomb going off. I saw a pinkish color coming from the slats in my blinds. I rushed quickly to the kitchen patio door to find a Blood Red Sky, I mean blood red, I was frightened because I though a nuclear bomb had gone off. I ran to wake up my husband he thought I was crazy but he got up, but by the time he got to the patio door there was only a beautiful crystal-clear blue sky and the most beautiful double Rainbow, take note…. the sun had not risen yet, how was this even happening? Much later, I would find out the significance of this date. I found that October 11, 1962 was the opening of the Second Vatican Council.


On Sunday August 22, 2010, the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I went to confession, Mass, and received the anointing of the sick, I was preparing for back surgery and wanted to be well prepared if by chance I died. I want to tell you that I have never been afraid of death.

The next day, Monday morning 7:30 am, August 23, 2010 I lost ¾ of my bodies blood on the operating table during back surgery. I woke up in so much pain asking my husband what happened to me, I shouldn’t have been in pain I was very medicated but I was in so much pain, for him to even touch my hair hurt. I hurt from the tips of my hair to the soles of my feet. They gave me more pain medicine and it put me back out. It was after this that I kept the radiating pains that go through my hands and feet.

At 3am that night, while in intensive care, the nurse came in to check on my incision, she just lifted the sheet up and I started to scream in severe pain. She said that she believed I was bleeding internally and I needed to get a Cat Scan immediately to see what was going on. I had been over dosed with heparin and was indeed bleeding internally.  This left me with a very painful abdomen full of blood for the next 9 months, I looked as if I was 6 months pregnant. The worst part wasn’t the pain, but for the first time in my entire life I did not feel God in my heart. This was the worst feeling of emptiness and loss I had ever felt, and which I never want to ever feel again. This emptiness and loss was even worse than the loss of my children or parents, it is indescribable.

My mother, being very worried about my spiritual state, gave me a booklet that she found after Sunday Mass it was the “Novena to the Holy Spirit Help Me to Know You!” This booklet and Novena prayer enriched my life greatly and I felt and understood more the urgings and prompts of the Holy Spirit which I had not truly understood before, but apparently, this was something I have had since I was a child of about 4.  We can often confuse these prompts or urgings of the Holy Spirit as being our own thoughts. Discernment, prayer and the guidance of a good confessor or spiritual director is often needed.

During this dark time, after my surgery, I wondered why God left me here on this earth. I felt like this was a punishment. I wanted to be with God and I was ready to go, I didn’t understand why He didn’t just take me? This world is so hard to live in and try to belong to God. Instead, I was left to here to suffer. I believe now and understand somewhat that I resented this. I did not understand the value of suffering and at times still do not understand but I do try to embrace it and offer it to Our Lord and Our Lady for all souls but mostly for the souls of priests.

It is so very hard to be rejected for what you believe and know to be true by those you love most. It would be easy to leave this life, because of what God has promised for those who love Him ("Blessed is the man that endureth temptation; for when he hath been proved, he shall receive a crown of life, which God hath promised to them that love him."[James 1:12] All of our suffering can be used to unite ourselves more to Our Eucharistic Lord, we Catholic’s need to make this known to everyone.

I would not find out the answers to my questions until May 2013 at Eastern Kentucky University.


 A friend asked me to attend a seminar given by Mr. Hugh Owen the Founder and President of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation based in Virginia. It was then when I heard Hugh Owen speak about Creation. I looked over at my friend Susan and said “This is the reason I was left on this earth, it is to help him!” We emailed often during the next months. I could not believe that so many did not believe in Creation, and how Adam and Eve were formed, especially clergy, this made my heart truly heavy. How could this be? Growing up as a child I had a Bible and a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary which sat on the dining room table, there was never ever a doubt in my mind about either and I never questioned if they were true.

Not quite a year before, I met Cardinal Raymond Burke, the Apostolic Signatura the Head Canon Lawyer at the Vatican. We were at the Church Teaches Forum in Louisville KY July 20-22, 2012. My friend Susan knew of Cardinal Burke but had never met him in person. She knew of him because of her daughter who is a Dominican Sister, had been commissioned to be the principal of school under  Archbishop Burke in St. Louis. Susan introduced me to Cardinal Burke and I handed him the hat box which had the words Faith, Hope, and Love on it, and inside was a Crown of Red Thorns and a note for the Pope pleading him to re-instate the St. Michael prayer throughout the world.

This crown of thorns came from a honey locust tree on a hillside that I prayed on just minutes from my home. This tree was growing on the edge of an empty spring fed pond which had lost all of its water more than 30 years before. The owners of the property didn’t know why it lost all of its water, they even had specialists from University of Cincinnati and Miami University come and conduct studies to see why and they too were dumbfounded as to why it had lost all of its water. The specialists were puzzled because there was a spring underneath this empty pond. The tree that day looked as if it was bleeding. I do believe that this empty pond, when needed, will be a place of healing. This came to me after I prayed the rosary on the hill.

Thursday July 19, 2012, the Feast of St. Vincent DePaul Patron Saint of Works of Charity, I met with my friend Patty to pray before leaving for Louisville the next day. I was going to the forum with the clear intention of speaking to Cardinal Burke. Prior to praying, Patty told me that I needed to take a particular branch from the small honey locus tree, I couldn’t figure out why because she had just given me a bag of thorns prior to walking up the hill, but Patty insisted that I take it. After praying the Holy Rosary, I knew exactly what the branch was for. It was for a crown a “corona” that needed to be given to Cardinal Burke. It is interesting looking back now after everything that has happened in the past two years and when the pandemic started in 2020 what was it called? The “Corona Virus?” This virus almost took Cardinal Burke’s life, but it didn’t because I believe he has more work to do.

I got home from the Hill and called my friend Susan who was going with me to Louisville. I told her what had happened on the Hill. She said “you cannot give him a crown of thorns he will hurt himself, how are you going to give it to him?” I said that I had no idea because I didn’t have square box to put it in because most boxes are rectangular, so I went to Hobby Lobby. As soon as I walked in the door at Hobby Lobby I looked to the left and on the second shelf from the top at about eye level was a ‘Hat Box’ that had Faith, Hope and Love on it! Again… GOD makes all thing happen perfectly in His time and if you are doing HIS Will.

After my friend Susan introduced me to Cardinal Burke, I gave the box to him and he opened the box and with a stunned look on his face he looked me straight into my eyes and said “It’s a crown of thorns” I said yes, it is. He asked “what is it for?” I said at that time I did not know but I had been inspired after praying the Holy Rosary to take the branch and was sure it would make a perfect crown of thorns. I did as I was inspired to do and gave them to you.” The thorns were very, very sharp and a number of times I poked myself but never bled, not once. He accepted the crown and the man with him carried it the entire evening. I have pictures.

On July 12-13, 2013, I was going back to the Church Teaches Forum in Louisville, I asked Mr. Owen if there was anything I could give to Cardinal Burke for him. He told me he had, for a very long time, tried to get an audience with Cardinal Burke but with no avail, at that point I knew exactly what the crown of thorns was for.

When I got to Louisville, I saw Cardinal Burke just a brief moment but was unable to talk to him because so many people demand his attention. There was Mass and then dinner, I was there alone. I sat at a table with 9 other people. Next to me was a man talking a lot, come to find out he was a lawyer, I kind of figured that, but he was also a Canon Lawyer and friend of Cardinal Burke. He gave me his card Kevin B. McCarthy he will come up at a later date and it would be about apparitions from Our Lady of America to Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil whose Spiritual Director was Archbishop Paul Francis Leibold, who people believe was murdered to usher in then Archbishop Bernadin (evil monster) later be Cardinal Bernadin who gave us the “Seamless Garment.”

I didn’t get to speak to Cardinal Burke until Saturday evening, you could tell tensions were high, something was definitely wrong with Cardinal Burke and some of the bishops. When I finally got to speak to Cardinal Burke, I asked Cardinal Burke if he remembered me, he said “yes, I remember you, are the woman who gave me the crown of thorns.” I said yes, I was. I said I didn’t know then what the crown was for, but I know now. He immediately stopped, turned, and listened.

I said there is a man I would like for you to meet and speak with his name is Mr. Hugh Owen he is the founder of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation. Would you please meet with him? He immediately said “YES.” He sat down at the dining table and gave me Sister Regina’s, his personal secretary in the US, name and number, and told me to tell Mr. Owen to call Sister Regina and she would make the arrangements for the meeting. I was so excited I called Mr. Owen immediately and told him the good news.

Mr. Hugh Owen heard back from Sister Regina on August 8, 2013, again the Feast of St. John Vianney and the day I lost my baby Gabrielle, he was granted an audience with Cardinal Burke in Rome on November 8, 2013 the Feast of the Four Holy Crowned Martyrs, and my son’s birthday, again dates are significant and matter. Cardinal Burke listened to what Mr. Owen had to say and I believe he has opened doors for the Kolbe Center, he has written a letter of support for the Kolbe Center.

If you are wondering why this meeting and support was so important it is because most priests don’t believe in Creation, they believe in theistic evolution. This is a very serious problem and grave error and needed to be corrected by someone in authority within the Church, Cardinal Burke had that authority.

Who is the demon behind theistic evolution? That would be lucifer himself. This answer was given to me by a very well-known exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger in front of a few hundred people at a seminar on the October 8, 2018 in Vandalia, Illinois at Our Sorrowful Mother Ministry the same date as the Fisher Price doll that said Islam is the light, exactly 10 years before.  As an exorcist he knows many priests and said he personally only knew 5 priests, not 5% but only 5 priests who are NOT theistic evolutionists. The entire room gasped; I knew in my heart now how very bad this was.

Pope Pius XII has called German philosopher Dietrich Von Hildebrand a “twentieth century Doctor of the Church.” Von Hildebrand’s quote (not favorable) on a Catholic catechism that spoke “favorably” of theistic evolution.

Von Hildebrand wrote the following: A grave “error” lies in the notion of "an evolutionary age" - as if it were something positive to which the Church must conform. Does the author consider it progress, an awakening to true reality, that Teilhard de Chardin's unfortunate ideas about evolution fill the air? Does he not see that the prevailing tendency to submit everything, even truth - even divine truth! - to evolution amounts to a diabolical undermining of revealed truth? Truth is not truth if it is ever changing! The "courageous response" called for is precisely the opposite of yielding to evolutionary mythologies.”

These men by human pride have twisted the truth of doctrine and the Holy Words of God in the Bible to fit into what can be explained, and accepted easily by the human mind. But where is the FAITH?

Their twisted truth which has led many into error and the loss of faith. Distorting the truth to conform our doctrine to fit their evil agenda using what they know to be deliberate error against the Holy and Divinely Inspired Words of God in scripture to satisfy the human mind, St. Matthew quotes: “And in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrine, the precepts of men.”  And St. Augustine quotes: “If you believe what you like in the Gospel, and reject what you don't like, it is not the Gospel you believe, but yourself.”

Can we say….  HUMANISM and PRIDE???

Denying the Holy Words in the Bible and the miracles, inspired by the Holy Ghost is blasphemy, Our Lord says this in Matthew 12:31 “Therefore I say to you: Every sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but the blasphemy of the Spirit shall not be forgiven.”  St. Augustine takes notice and states: According to the common exposition, here is not meant a sin committed by speaking against the third person of the blessed Trinity, the Holy Ghost, but that sin by which they obstinate and willfully opposed Christ, and attributed those miracles to Beelzebub, which he performed by the Spirit of God, of which they could not be ignorant, but by a willful blindness. The sin here spoken of is that of blasphemy, by which the Pharisees attributed the miracles of Christ, wrought by the Spirit of God, to Beelzebub, the prince of devils. Now this kind of sin is usually accompanied with so much obstinacy, and such willful opposing the Spirit of God, and the known truth, that men who are guilty of it are seldom or ever converted; and therefore, are never forgiven, because they will not repent, if he continues in his obstinate mind till death, he is guilty of sin against the Holy Ghost.”

The tyranny of the devil; he enslaves the souls of men with doubts and lies in their minds. With a tempting bait he first allures them into his nets and having entrapped them, he holds them fast; enfeebles the will, darkens the intellect, and fills the soul with disgust for heavenly things, again, and fills the soul with disgust for heavenly things. The devil, by his tyranny, succeeds in destroying not only the bodies of his slaves, but also their immortal souls given to us by God.  Jesus warns us in Matthew 10:28 "And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell."

Now, with that said, I pray that you will understand with me laying the foundation as to how this all fits in with the warnings hidden in the Apparitions of: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes, and Our Lady of Fatima. I want to make it very clear that these are my thoughts, I have not read them from someone else and believe with all my heart that God left me here on this earth in 2010 to bring this TRUTH to the people but most especially for Our Lady’s Priests which she has called and for Her honor and the salvation of souls.

Alessandro Farnese, installed as Pope Paul III on October 13, 1534. Pope Paul III had a mistress before and during the Papacy. He also had 5 illegitimate children with the same woman. Pope Paul III also had an association with Cardinal Nicolas Schonberg of Capua and a friend of Fr. Martin Luther, the friends we keep matter, Our Lady of Good Success warned of sins of the flesh.

1 CORINTHIANS 15:33 Commentary Evil communications (or discourses) corrupt good manners. He hints that this error against the resurrection, and the other faults into which they had fallen, were occasioned by the heathen philosophers and other vain teachers among them.

What I am trying to show is the content of character and lack of integrity, and how easily your thoughts and soul can be compromised by sinful actions willfully taken in life and how easily we can be deceived, tempted or coerced into believing something we would not believe in normal circumstances and if we were in the state of grace.

Could this be where Pope Paul III was? Did the people in the 16th century know of his infidelity? Unlike today with the internet, I am not sure, but I am guessing since all of his illegitimate children rose to high status, that there might have been some compromising going on. How did I come to this conclusion? Because in the 16th Century if you were illegitimate, you were shunned but Pope Paul III’s children were not shunned. Did the Pope make deals? I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine.

You may be asking yourself what has this got to do with warnings from Our Lady? The significance is, that almost exactly 10 years to the day after she appeared and left her Image on Juan Diego’s tilma as Our Lady of Guadelupe December 12, 1531, with the constellations of the stars on her mantle, a man named Nicolas Copernicus (Kopernik) would enter and shake up the Catholic world and Church beliefs by his personal letter to Pope Paul III the letter was given to the Pope by Cardinal Schonberg.

Remember this: “Human wisdom is always set up against in opposition to the Divine wisdom, when men consider human learning to be paramount in importance, and when they endeavor to make the truths of faith subservient to the teaching of human sciences. This error is the origin of all heresy” ~St. Thomas Aquinas, Apology for Religious Orders, chapter XII: 8

Copernicus was educated at the best schools, he was a: canon lawyer, astronomer, mathematician, and doctor. This type of education was only given to the very wealthy or priests during this time in history.  But Copernicus was raised by his uncle, his mother’s brother, after his father died. His mother’s brother was the Bishop of Warmia (Prussia) Lucas Watzenrode the younger. Bishop Watzenrode was a bitter opponent of the Teutonic Order the Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem which was a Catholic religious order founded as a military order, its Grand Master once referred to Copernicus uncle Bishop Watzenrode as "the devil incarnate."

Copernicus wrote a letter to Paul III in the autumn 1541 regarding his Dedication of the Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies. He writes as a lawyer would defending a criminal, which it was criminal because the Church had always said that the Earth was Stationary and in the Center. Copernicus said: “most Holy Father, that as soon as some people learn that in this book which I have written concerning the revolutions of the heavenly bodies, I ascribe certain motions to the Earth, they will cry out at once that I and my theory should be rejected.” I still believe that one must avoid theories altogether foreign to orthodoxy (my words: YES, BECAUSE THIS WOULD BE HERESY AND PUNISHABLE BY DEATH at that time). He said: “Accordingly, when I considered in my own mind how absurd a performance it must seem to those who know that the judgment of many centuries has approved the view that the Earth remains fixed as center in the midst of the heavensCopernicus admits that what he is trying to do, is to get them to believe something contrary to what the Church had always taught, Copernicus is trying to convince a Pope, who clearly lacked integrity, of something that went totally against the teachings of the church at the time. Would this be a far stretch? What Copernicus had actually written, was heresy.

I have been told that the devil to be permitted by God the demons have to tell us what they are going to do, remember the devil is 99% truth 1% lie. Kind of like my analogy about toilet water; if you flush a toilet, it is just water in a toilet but one drop of pee in it makes is what? Pee water! Same as in a true false test. It is either the truth or a lie.

Many have said, and still to this day say, that the church did not have doctrine on the Earth but apparently, they had “unspoken” doctrine/tradition, at least according to Copernicus and as a bad Catholic he is showing us exactly what he is trying to do, PLACE DOUBTS and ERROR IN THE HUMAN MIND, what was quote from the Holy Bible and Fr. John Hardon about the devil?

Our Lady of Guadalupe: on the Tilma, her mantle is covered with stars which were the exact the constellations that day, December 12, 1531. All who have scientifically examined the image of over the centuries confess that its properties are absolutely unique and in human terms that the image can only be supernatural. On December 22, 1981, at the Observatory Laplace Mexico City, Father Mario Rojas and Dr. Juan Hernández Illescas, a medical doctor and amateur astronomer, performed an astronomical study of the Image and analyzed the stellar arrangement that appear on the Mantle of Our Lady. They surprisingly discovered that the stars stunningly and accurately map out the various constellations of the Mexican sky. Even more remarkable is the "star map" on the mantle is in the reverse providing a view of the constellations from beyond them, as would be seen looking through them towards the earth (from Heaven?).

The constellations are consistent with what astronomers believe was in the sky above Mexico City on the day the apparition occurred - in the winter-morning solstice of December 12, 1531, Saturday, at 10:26AM.

You might ask; why do I think this is important? Copernicus said that the Sun was stationary and that it is in the center but this says otherwise. The heartbeat is on the abdomen of Our Lady under her black sash which means she is with child, the heartbeat is in the exact center of the constellations, Christ came to Earth and the earth would have been where the heart beat is, at the center.

I believe Our Lady was warning us what was soon to come which was the evil errors of Copernicus and what was coming which would undermine the Church and Her Authority, this would place doubt/errors in Catholic minds just as Copernicus knew it would.

We also need to take note where the heart beat is, it is the Constellation of Leo and Leo in Genesis 3:15 I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel. This is significant the commentary states: for it is by her seed, Jesus Christ, that the woman crushes the serpent's head. According to Genesis 49, the lion is the symbol of the tribe of Judah (Jesus’s tribe). It also says that the ruler is at the lion’s feet. The star Regulus, is at the foot of the constellation Leo, and means the little king. Therefore, Leo represents the birth of Jesus. Conformation on the Tilma that the Church was right about the Earth not Copernicus.

As for the Big Bang Theory, God would never need to use death and destruction to create, He speaks and it is, He is all good and perfect. But who destroys and makes messes? that would be demons. GOD is perfection, we cannot even wrap our head around that. He needs not ever change His perfect mind or judgement because HE is PERFECTION.

If you believe in the Bible, people might think you are gullible but will that send you to hell? BUT if you don’t believe one word of the Bible can that send you to Hell? IS IT WORTH THE CHANCE given what I have said from the Bible. St. Mathew says in 15:9: And in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrine the precepts of men. Believe in Creation, your salvation depends on believing God and His Holy Word.

Our Lady of Lourdes:

Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette (her words) "The Lady was standing above the rose-tree, in a position very similar to that shown in the miraculous medal. At my third request her face became very serious and she seemed to bow down in an attitude of humility. Then she joined her hands and raised them to her breast . . . She looked up to heaven . . . then slowly opening her hands and leaning forward towards me, she said to me in a voice vibrating with emotion, 'I Am Thee Immaculate Conception’.” Immediately Our Lady vanished.

Bernadette repeated the words all the way home, in order not to forget them, and hurried to relay the message to Fr. Pere Peyrarnalle. I think if Our Lady appeared and spoke to us, we would remember what she said, don’t you?

Why would Our Lady repeat something that was made Dogma (Infallible teaching of the Church) December 8, 1854, by Pope Pius IX 4 years before? Because she knew that exactly one year later after she said: “I AM Thee Immaculate Conception” Darwin’s theory of Evolution would be heard and accepted and She would in the years to come not be considered the Only Immaculate conception but that Adam would be an immaculate conception, conceived in the belly of a beast,  by the very men she called to the priesthood.

This is another lie from lucifier just as it was a lie which Copernicus perpetuated to place doubt/error in the human mind about the Earth. But another ‘bad’ Catholic and a Priest would re-invent a grandeur error based on Darwin’s theory and twist theology to fit his demonic inspired educated mind, and that would be Fr. Pierre Teilhard deChardin a French Jesuit priest, scientist, paleontologist, theologian, philosopher and teacher.

Fr. Telihard had a mystical experience and this experience was not of God. Less than two years after the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, when the three child-seers had had their last public encounter with the Queen of Heaven, Teilhard de Chardin, the future “prophet” of a "new Christianity" centered on evolution, had a pivotal, life-changing mystical encounter with what he later called "the Thing."

 In 1962, Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, then head Pro-Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, issued a monitum/warning, stating that De Chardin’s books were full of “serious errors that offend Catholic doctrine” and warning all bishops and seminary rectors to keep his books out of their libraries and especially out of the hands of the young. De Chardin was also not permitted to teach any longer. Teilhard asserted that human evolution was “an indisputable fact of modern science.” But De Chardin’s works exerted a powerful influence on the progressive bishops and their theological advisors throughout the Second Vatican Council.

These books, based on DeChardin’s bad theology, as of Monday May 2, 2022 are on the shelves at St. Mary’s Seminary of the West here in Cincinnati. BUT not his actual books but many authors use his theories, heresy, and bad science. I know this as fact, because I called to confirm and the librarian said there are MANY. 

Cardinal Ottaviani was formed by the struggle against the Church’s fierce enemies, “Freemasonry and Hebraism reign by means of the Minister Sidnei Sonnino.” In 1937, Pius XI used his services in the writing of Divini Redemptoris against communism, which he called “intrinsically perverse.” His political studies, which led to the publication of the Institutiones Juris Publici Ecclesiastici, made him the herald of Christ the King against the trends of John Courtney Murray and the liberals. Here are some of his most salient teachings on this matter:

I have said, first of all, that the State has the duty of professing its religion socially. Men united socially are no less subject to God than when they are taken as individuals, and the civil society, no less than individual men, is in God’s debt, under Whom, as Author, it is gathered together, by whose power it is preserved, by whose goodness it has received the great treasure of good things which it enjoys. Thus, as it is not licit for any individual to fail in his duty to God and to the religion by which God wills to be honored, in the same way, states cannot, without serious moral offense, conduct themselves as if God were non-existent or cast off the care of religion as something foreign to themselves or of little moment.”

Pope Pius XII quickly became preoccupied by the advances which some Western Church leaders were making toward the Communists, and also by the inroads Neo-Modernists were making within the Church. The Pope secretly convoked Ottaviani for the formation of a preparatory commission for a future ecumenical council for the “redefinition of various points of the Catholic doctrine threatened by errors, not only theological, but also moral and philosophical, and even sociological.” But, seeing that division reigned within the commission itself, Pius XII blocked everything. The only outcome was to be the forceful encyclical Humani Generis of 1950, with Ottaviani’s contribution, which condemns the Nouvelle Théologie launched by Fr. Henri de Lubac in the spirit of Teilhard de Chardin. ~Above information gathered from Angelus Press.

You may not know that the Encyclical Humani Generus written by Pope Pius VII, who my father had an audience with in 1949, is what the modernist and theistic evolutionists use to open the door to their evolutionary thinking/teaching they say by Paragraph 36 but in the next 8 paragraphs reiterates what the church had always taught and should have closed the door. But how many read the encyclicals fully? NOT many from my experience.

This also re-affirms Our Heavenly Mothers warning about Communism and how it truly has entered the Church.

Think of this, IF Adam was formed in the belly of a beast/ape who was his father, God? Why did only one ape/Adam evolve? Why aren’t we still evolving? What about the soul? Do souls evolve? The Council of Trent and the Baltimore Catechism says “NO” the soul cannot evolve.

Q. 241. Could man's body be developed from the body of an inferior animal?

A. Man's body could be developed from the body of an inferior animal if God so willed; but science does not prove that man's body was thus formed, while revelation teaches that it was formed directly by God from the clay of the earth.

Q. 242. Could man's soul and intelligence be formed by the development of animal life and instinct?

A. Man's soul could not be formed by the development of animal instinct; for, being entirely spiritual, it must be created by God, and it is united to the body as soon as the body is prepared to receive it.

If this theory be true, wouldn’t Adam have been immaculately conceived in the belly of a beast? So, then Our Lady saying “I AM THEE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION” meaning she is the ONLY one, wouldn’t this make Our Sinless Heavenly Mother a liar? Who would want you to believe that? Maybe the devil who knows She is going to crush him by destroying the heresy he has spread to destroy so many souls?

There is another problem with this lie/error, that is: if the New Testament Mirrors the Old Testament, Adam and Eve’s nature would have been that of a beast, and in turn the natures of Our Lord and Our Lady’s would be that of a beast? This is total blasphemy This could not possibly be, we just have to look to scripture and the Baltimore Catechism for that answer.

Remember where all error comes from?

Our Lady of Fatima:

Our Lady appeared to three children in Fatima Portugal in 1917 we know what Our Lady of the Rosary said and her warnings if they were not heeded, but what about the Miracle of the Sun? Why was the Sun falling to the Earth, could this mean that the sun is not fixed but the earth is?? The Aztects worshiped the Sun, and now most believe that the Sun is at the Center, unlike the Earth which God the Word made flesh came to. The earth, what science wants you to believe, was not made by chance in a big bang mess but was done in an instant; God spoke and it was.

The Sun falling, I believe to be a more serious warning from Our Lady about us worshiping science as the Israelites worshiped golden gods and Aztecs worshiped the sun god. I do believe that the world worships science. Look at this plandemic, yes, I said plandemic. I am not saying people didn’t die they did but mostly at the hands of the protocols of the hospitals run by government money or pieces of silver and bad medicine.

Have you all seen the Billboards? IN SCIENCE LIVES HOPE and HOPE LIVES HERE these are billboard signs for UC Health they started in 2018. How many have heard this “I would die if I didn’t have those meds or I would be dead if I hadn’t taken chemo? Really? Are there two identical yous’ in this world to test that theory on? Where’s the faith?  IN GOD lives all hope and, in Our Lady, as when we pray the Memorare. None of us will die second before God Wills it.


The Athenaeum Mount St. Mary’s Seminary of the West is the third oldest Catholic seminary in the United States and was the 1st seminary dedicated to the sciences.

Archbishop Leibold, I believe, was on to these errors that had infiltrated the church through bad science, as his homily at the Immaculata in Mt. Adams hints to it. On August 16, 1959 One year after Our Lady Appeared at Lourdes this is what he said: The Queen City of the west, realized that this cities fundamental claim to a regal title was its dedication to The Queen of Queens, Mary.
Those who laid the original plans for the development of Mt Adams, conceived of it as a center of the pursuit of human science, erecting thereon a great astronomical observatory, as a beacon of natural science set out to pierce the very mystery of the heavens as was pointed out by the former president John Quincey Adams when it was dedicated in 1843. Little did those men of science in that age of rationalism, realize that in a few years God would make of their hill, a seat of the ultimate in scientific knowledge, the pursuit of the knowledge of God based on the very Word of God; and that He would cause to be built on this spot a perfect observatory, capable of totally piercing the heavens, indeed to the throne of God Himself- a church where He dwells.”

Servant of God Fr. John Hardon states: NOTHING happens unless GOD permits it, if He permits it then it is for His Greater Glory or our own sanctification.

Faith tells us that nothing happens unless the Omnipotent wills it to happen. He either permits it to happen, or He brings it about Himself. Therefore, we may not doubt that God does well, or wants us to learn from the fact, even when He permits evil.

He does not permit this, except for a just reason, and all that is just is good. Although, therefore, what is evil, in so far as it is evil, is not good. Nevertheless, it is well that not only good but also evil should exist. Were it not a good that evil things should also exist, the Omnipotent God would most certainly not allow evil to be, since beyond doubt it is just as easy for Him not to allow what He does not will, as it is for Him to do what He Wills. Unless we believe this, the very first sentence of our profession of faith is endangered, wherein we profess to believe in God the Father almighty. He is called almighty for no other reason than that He can do whatever He wills, and because the effectiveness of His almighty Will cannot be thwarted by the will of any creature whatsoever. [26] St. Augustine, and Catechism 311-312.

Very important to note:  Servant of God Fr. John Hardon author of the Catholic Dictionary wrote: The Secret to Defeating the devil"... the genius of satan is to deceive the human mind in order to seduce the human will. Memorize that logic. satan knows that all the evil in the world begins with ERROR. Let me repeat. satan knows that all the evil in world begins with error. In other words, all sin in the human heart begins as untruth in the human mind."

Our Lady forever has loved us. She by her yes to the Holy Spirit shared in the redemption of the human race, she not only said yes once but twice at thee Annunciation and at the Cross on Calvary. She as a good mother has been warning us. Our dear Mother is, therefore, full of tender solicitude for her children. When she beholds them in the power of this cruel enemy of her Son, she lifts up her pure and spotless hands before the throne of God, and continually pleads with Him for us, that the ransom of the precious blood may be applied to them, that their chains may be broken, and that they themselves may be restored to liberty.

Knowing, therefore, the great love of the Blessed Virgin Mary for poor sinners, we must strive to the utmost of our ability to second her desire for the redemption of souls from the slavery of sin and error, this includes priests who have fallen into the traps, snares, error, and lies from the devil himself.

This is true Charity- Charity is the infused supernatural virtue by which a person loves God above all things for His own sake, and loves others for God's sake. Our Lady was filled with this!

Please look into Our Lady of Revelation, the book is called “Three Fountains.”

I would like to share one last story, my own personal experience with Our Lady and how I believe she intervenes, as I believe She may have done with my daughter Katrina 32 who died at 3:30 on Friday September 24, 2021 on the Feast of Our Lady of Ransom.

I could not sleep the night of Katrina’s death. I kept praying the Rosary and the Memorares over and over again until finally at 4:30 I got up and decided that the only place I could get rest for my weeping heart, was with God.

I knew that Old St. Mary’s in Over the Rhine had all night adoration so I went there to be with God. I prayed that someone would let me in, as they lock the doors at night. I was let in by Sister Philomena. She let me in because she knew me. I told her about Katrina and she told me she would pray for and offer her Mass for her. During Mass instead of praying my missal as I normally do, I prayed the Seven Sorrows Rosary of Our Lady, I kept begging Our Lady to intervene for me with God for my daughter’s soul. My daughter had fallen away from the faith.

I went to Holy Communion with the sincere intention of offering my Holy Communion for God to have mercy on my daughter’s soul through the intercession of His Mother. I normally offer all of my Holy Communions for Priests but this time I begged God to have mercy on my daughter’s soul.

I received Holy Communion and went back to my pew and knelt on the floor crying, begging and begging Our Lady to intervene with GOD for me for my daughter’s soul and I heard a voice in my heart very clearly say “I HAVE RANSOMED YOUR DAUGHTERS SOUL” I have been taught to push things that happen like that away, and I cried most of the way home.

On my way home I decided to call UC Hospital where Katrina was pronounced dead and told them I was Katrina's mother and since I knew when she took her first breath I would like to know when she took her last. They transferred me at least 3x. Finally, they said 4:30pm but I have since found out by public record documents from the West Chester Fire Department and 911 calls that Katrina died at 3:30 on Friday September 24th the Feast of Our Lady of Ransom. 

I was almost home still crying and it started to rain, I looked up and there was a rainbow. I called my husband and said to him you are not going to believe this but there is a rainbow but not just one but two. He said to me, how can you be seeing a rainbow it is pouring down rain here? So, I took my phone and tried to take a picture. By the time I got to the exit to take the photo of the double rainbow it was totally gone. My husband said to me, maybe the rainbows were meant just for you from God.

I have said, since I met Mr. Hugh Owen, I am working hard to make these errors of Copernicus and Theistic Evolution known to all priests so that they hear the truth.

I have used the phrase more than once, “ransoming priests’ souls” from the devils lies because satan wants the priest’s souls way more than he wants ours because they are priests forever in this life and in the next this is why we need to pray for them, I mean everyone pray for them, if we don’t who will????

I also fight for Our Lady’s honor. Why? because she is owed this from us, she is the Queen of Heaven and Earth after God, she loves us more than any other human could. She gave up her Son in a most horrible crucifixion and she NEVER left him, for us to be redeemed of Original Sin so at least we have a chance at heaven. NOW that is true Charity and true love.

I will continue to fight for the Truth until God hopefully says to me one day “Well done my faithful servant, well done”

This is just part of my life story but one I felt that needed to be heard. Jesus Christ left us the Catholic Church to get us to heaven, there is no salvation outside of HER.

I believe that believing in evolution in any form has caused the ease of these evils:

    1. Sodomite so called marriage to be accepted.

    2. Acceptance of sodomites as "normal" because God made them that way(LIE)

    3. The ease of being able to justify killing your own child in the womb

    4. The absence of GOD in the minds and hearts of people especially the children

Science the Golden Calf that people worship and never realized it. This is the cunning of the devil in our times, remember this big lie Everyone goes to heaven.

May God have mercy and Our Lady of Sorrows, Good St. Joseph, St. Michael, and St. Raphael guide and protect us in the days ahead. 

All that I do, I do for the love of GOD the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Good St. Joseph.  Please pray for Our Priests and please say a prayer for me.